Sunday, November 16, 2008

Karti Chidambaram and Obama!!

Karti Chidambaram is different.
He is the son of P Chidambaram, our Union Finance Minister.
But he seems to be different from the regular politicians.
He is vocal and seems to read a lot. But oflate, he seems to be bitten by the Obamamania!
In Tamil Nadu, it is fashionable for every budding political figure to do a Obama! Vijaykanth calls himself as Obama of Tamil Nadu. Sarathkumar too wants to do the same. Vaiko has gone to the extent of translating Obama's book in Tamil. Now, Where does Karti stand? You can see it in his website. Its central theme is
He has gifted himself a website on his birthday.
The website is rich in design, outlook and presentation.

Karti P Chidambaram expresses his views on various issues that need to be urgently addressed by society today. He also encourages youth participation in politics, believing that their idealism and energy can be channelised for the nation's benefit.

The website will serve as a discussion forum for the youth who can come forth and provide their views and solutions on any issue. In time, Karti will engage with citizens on a regular basis for live chats to get the pulse of people's thoughts and views.

The bilingual site, in English and Tamil presents a broad picture of the man, his speeches, interviews and his progress in the political milieu.

The most attractive feature of the website is its theme: Change!!

Now come on, do agree my contention that Karti Chidambaram is different!!

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