Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Abhinav, Godse and bombs!!!

Photo: Bhonsala Military School
Until now it was the most charming name of the most eligible bachelor of our great country.
Abhinav!! Abhinav!! Who is Abhinav? Everybody knew him. He was the first Indian to win Gold in Olympics. His name instantly evoked mixed feelings of happiness, pride and joy.
But, of late the name has lost its sheen. Abhinav now evokes revulsion, pity and sorrow. All because of Abhinav Bharat.
What is the Abhinav Bharat? What is its aim? Who are its members? The hardcore Hindu outfit with its ideological links to Veer Savarkar and Gopal Godse now has links, allegedly, with the army and this sets a dangerous precedent in its fight against terror writes Saikat Datta in Outlook.
The organisation’s activities clearly reveal its virulent character. In one pamphlet, it even exhorts members to seek revenge for the "killing of millions of Hindus over several centuries". It has also organised several "conventions" in Bhopal, Raisen and Vidisha districts of MP, where it is particularly active. At these conventions, it has described Muslims as "dharma shatrus (enemies of the faith)". More in tune with its militant character, one of the outfit’s slogans reads, "Kshama yachna nahin, ab to ran hoga, sangharsh bada bhishan hoga (No mercy or apology, now it will be war; the battle will be extremely intense)." Major (retd) Ramesh Upadhyay, arrested in connection with the Malegaon blasts, is the outfit’s working president.

What is Bhonsala Military School?
Spread over 160 acres, the Bhonsala Military School (See photo at the top) is different from other institutions of its ilk in that the curriculum stresses on religious instruction too. It seeks to instil "Bharatiya values" and the virtues of Lord Ram among its students. The school campus has been named Rambhoomi and its students Ramdandees. The symbolism blends the religious and the martial: they pray to an idol of Ram sculpted out of used cartridges. Kulkarni explains: "We created it out of the spent bullets fired by our students at the firing ranges."

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