Sunday, September 25, 2011

My pen has not retired: Moulana Kausar Yazdani

What change you find in the Jamaat’s work?
There was a time, say up to first forty years of the Jamaat’s formation that everyone was very sincere without any concern about personal amenities. Now the situation has changed. Even full time workers’ officialdom and personal concerns have increased at the cost of sincerity. Now it has a become a routine job beginning at, say, 9 A.M. and continuing up to, say, 5 P.M. Earlier the atmosphere was of total devotion to the object of the Jamaat. There are exceptions, no doubt, but my feeling is based on overall atmosphere.

What are your engagements these days?
After retirement from the Jamaat I have kept myself busy in translation work into the Hindi language. I have translated Bukhari in three volumes. A publisher provides me books for translation and I do the job. My pen has not retired.
Moulana Kausar Yazdani in conversation with Dr Waquar Anwar in Radiance weekly. Here

A towering personality among Muslims

Moulana Kausar Yazdani was not just a journalist or writer, but an active worker and a leader also. He became chief of J. I. H. (Delhi & Haryana State) in 1979 and remained so till 1995. At that time, he used to start his day before morning prayers (salat Fajr), read daily news paper and wrote editorial, etc. Later, he worked for the Kanti till about 1’o clock. After 3 or 5’o clock in the afternoon, to 11 in the night, he spent his time, visiting different places of Delhi & Haryana for Dawah and Islamic awekening. It was his daily routine. In 1995 he was called to central office of the Jamaat as its all India secretary to look after the Dawah work from which he just retired. Nadvi translated about 40 books in Hindi and wrote a dozen books.
Javed Ali in Milli Gazette. Here

Moulana Kausar Yazdani was laid to rest in New Delhi

Maulana Dr. Kausar Yazdani, a renowned Islamic scholar, author, journalist, activist and former Secretary for Dawah, Jamaat-e-Islami Hind (JIH), breathed his last on August 29 at his residence in New Delhi following a brief illness. He was 76.

His funeral prayer was led by Amir JIH Maulana Syed Jalaluddin Omari after Zuhr prayers on August 30. He was laid to rest in Batla House Graveyard. He left behind three sons and one daughter.
A report in Radiance Weekly. Here

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