Thursday, August 18, 2011

Top Ten Reasons Anna Hazare shouldn't have waged a war on corruption

Top Ten Reasons Anna Hazare shouldn't have waged a war on corruption
10. Corruption is omnipresent in India.
9. Without giving bribe nothing happens in India. You cannot get your birth certificate or death certificate without giving bribe. You cannot get cremated without giving bakshish..
8. Indira Gandhi has famously said once that corruption is international phenonmenon.
7. Corruption is ingrained in the blood of Indian.
6. Indians would prefer to bribe the TT and get themselves a berth or seat rather than altering the travel plan.
5. Corrupt practices are part and parcel of the Indian mythologies. Remember When Karna took his powerful weapon, Nagastra and shot it at Arjuna. Krishna saved Arjuna from certain death by his divine powers; by subtly lowering Arjuna’s chariot into the earth, through a gentle pressure of his feet.
4. Hypocricy is ingrained in the blood of Indian. India is the only country where everything from river to wealth and knowledge are worshipped as female gods. India is also the only country to have massacred crores of girl childs in a decade 
3. Corruption cannot be eradicated by framing stringent laws alone. In India there is a law that those who indulge in spurious drugs should be hanged to death. Not a single soul has been hanged till today. The spurious drug industry is thriving with 5000 crore turnover annually. Besides nobody could deny the threat of it being misused. Janlokpal Bill would become another POTA or TADA
2. Indians would find ways and means to buy Lokpal or Janlokpal whatever.
1. There are more pressing issues facing the nation: Suicides of farmers, scarcity of drinking water, rising unemployment, threat of Hindu Fascism, collapse of family system, onslaught of western culture etc.
 Wake up Anna Hazares! It is better late than never.

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Saneens said...

Reasons why this points are wrong

10. If corruption is omnipresent in a country, does it mean the country should always be corrupted.Cant corruption be uprooted??

9. Its our habit to give bribe. We got to have change it. Cant it be possible in a country to get birth certificates without giving bribes. Officers would be afraid if janlokpal is there.

8. If it is an international problem, should we follow it??? We could bring a change and set an example for the world.

7. We think that to get a thing done we have to give bribe, that is the reason why you said corruption is ingrained in indians, but the bringing of janlokpal would solve this

6. This should be changed. Officer should be arrested if any one found him taking bribe. This would be possible through janlokpal.

5. If it is part of indian mythologies, does it mean that political leaders could loot our money????

4. Didn't understand, What is the relation between this and strike of Anna Hazare???

3. By bringing janlokpal there will be an independent commission who take cares of corruption like the election commission. The govt has no role to play in it.

2. As said janlokpal would be an independent commission like election commission. Did any Indian ever bribed election commission???

1. According to the reports almost 1,456 Lac crores were looted by the govt. It means that each district would get 60,000 crores and each village would get 100 crores. The problems you mentioned would be cure within no time.




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