Monday, December 06, 2010

"Ratan, the media is very, very greedy" said Niira Radia to Ratan Tata.

"Ratan, They are buying up the media. They're using their buying power with the media. I can't tell the discussions I had with the media, in particular the Times Group and Dainik Bhaskar.... They say, Niira, every time we do a negative story on them, they withdraw advertising. So, I said, fine, others can also withdraw advertising.... They leverage every dollar of their mediaspend to ensure they don't get any negative publicity. The media is very, very greedy."

From Sukumar Muralidharan's comprehensive analysis on Radia Tapes, Indian Media. The catchy title of the analysis says it all: "Media : stenographer to power". To download the pdf version of the analysis click Here.

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