Sunday, February 28, 2010

M F Hussain is no more an Indian!

It is indeed shocking that M. F. Hussain has accepeted the nationality of Qatar.
It is indeed a slap on the faces of all those stand for freedom, justice and India.

But, one should not forget that it is the same India which gave M. F. Hussain everything. He was born here. He grew up here. He started as painter of Bollywood hoardings here. He blossomed as a recognised artist here. He got fame, name, money, awards, recognition etc etc. here.
Now he feels honoured for being awarded with the Qatar nationality. It is ironic and this makes me sad. Whatever the compulsions may be, M. F. Hussain should not have discarded Indian nationality. He should have stayed here.

Perhaps it reflects his character. What could one expect from a man who paints nudes in the name of art for the sake of few rupees? What could one expect from a man who hurts the sentiments of his country men in the name of art and for some rupees?

Look at Shah Rukh Khan.
He stood as a rock and dared to face Sangh Parivar.
'The film may flop. My partners may incur losses. The stardom is transient. But, nobody can question my indianness', he proclaimed. M. F. Hussain too should have endured and defied the ruffians rather than seeking comforts in some distant land.

But, that is his choice, his life.

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