Sunday, July 29, 2012

Ramadan GoodDeed Cookbook - Recipe 3: To soufflé or not to soufflé


Ramadan GoodDeed Cookbook
By Deeds in 60 seconds

Recipe 3: To soufflé or not to soufflé

The Prophet pbuh said, Allah does not grant a servant a favour for which he says "al-Hamdulillah" except that what he offered [of praise] is BETTER and more virtuous that what he took [of the favour]. [ibn Majah].

AllahuAkbar!!! Such a beautiful profound statement giving a small glimpse of the Majesty, the Rahmah (Mercy) and Kindness of Allah swt towards his slave. Is it then not befitting that we become grateful servants?

[Take 60 seconds…] And realize that Ramadhan is a time when it is raining heavy with the mercy of Allah subhana wa ta`ala (exalted is He); a currency that no human currency could even measure. No matter what happens in life weather we end up with the soufflé we desire or not just say Alhamdulillah!

Let us show our gratitude by being grateful in word and action too!

Can you list 5 things you are extremely grateful for today?

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